Armeria maritima

(Sea Thrift). Compact ground cover, growing in low clumps. Long stems support globes of bright pink flowers in summer. Sun. Great for rockery or edging.

Sea Thrift. Globes of bright pink flowers in summer. Great for sunny rockery or as edging. Compact and low growiing ground cover. 

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Knautia 'Egyptian Rose'


To 70cms when in flower. An unusual and captivating perennial bearing a lengthy display over the warmer months of deep crimson, pin-cushion style flowers. Particularly suited to informal drifts of 2-3 plants in mixed or wildflower gardens. Attractive to butterflies and useful as a cut flower for fresh floral arrangements. Sun. Winter dormant.

Veronica Dwarf Pink


To 20 cms. Pretty rosy-pink flower spikes. Dwarf low growing habit. suits rockery, front of border. Sun, well drained soil. Drought resistant once established. Attracts butterflies and bees. Winter dormant.

Cephalaria gigantea


(Giant yellow Scabious). 1.3 to 1.9 metres. Large, showy, 6cm wide lemon-coloured flowers in summer. Deadhead to promote more blooms. Attracts insects. May need staking. Cut well back at end of flowering period. Sun and well drained soil. Suits back of border or cottage gardens. Winter dormant.

Geum rivale 'Roseum'


To 20 cms. Cute wee geum that is dwarf in nature with small deep pink flowers from spring. Sun is best, suits rockery or edge of border. Semi dormant in winter.