Astilbe chinensis Lilac Pink

Dwarf variety with very pretty lilac pink flowers. Some shade and moisture. Winter dormant.

Low growing, dwarf variety with very pretty lilac pink flowers. Some shade and moisture. Winter dormant. 

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Scabiosa caucasica Fama


To 80 cms. Forms a compact mould. Long stems bear large, frilly deepest lilac blue blooms summer to autumn, that are ideal for picking. Sun or part shade in containers or garden.

Lathrys latifolius 'White Pearl'


Sun or partial shade. To one metre +. Fertile humus rich, well drained soil. Smothered in showy clusters of pure white, sweet pea-like flowers among grey-green leaves. A vigorous climber, it looks lovely scrambling over a sunny wall or through a hedge or evergreen shrub, although initially it needs to be tied into supports. No fragrance. Cut back the plant to ground level in early spring. Winter dormant.

Epimedium x Rubrum


(Bishop's hat). To 30 cms. Lots of pretty pink flowers and attractive foliage which may take on autumn tonings later in the season. Great slow growing ground cover and perfect for under trees in partial or dense shade. Suits dry soil, shallow or rocky soil and drought conditions.

Dictamnus albus var. albiflorus


(Burning Bush). Year 2 plants. To 90 cms. Highly fragrant, white, 5-petalled flowers in early summer. These may take up to 4 years to flower. They and the unripe fruit, produce an aromatic, volatile oil which may be ignited in hot weather. Sun. Rare, specimen plant and not seen in garden centres. Best planted in permanent postion where you can brush past this. Winter dormant.