Convallaria majalis rosea

(Lily of the Valley). 1-2 shoots per pot. Light pink, fragrant flowers spring. Winter dormant.

(Lily of the Valley). 1-2 shoots per pot. Light pink, fragrant flowers spring. Winter dormant.

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Convallaria majalis


Lily of the Valley). Height to 20 cms. Highly fragrant hanging white bells late spring. Lance shaped leaves. Part shade, moist. Winter dormant.

Gillenia trifoliata


Rare, beautiful plant. Height To 1.2 metres. Upright clump forming and somewhat bushy. Masses of slender 5-petalled star-like white flowers held in loose corymbs on wiry, branching, distinctively red stems in late spring to early summer. Moist, humus rich soil - quite drought tolerant once established. Lovely as a background plant for part shade. Foliage is an attractive red colour in autumn. A lovey rare, specimen plant. Winter dormant.

Arisarum probosideum


(Mouse plant). 20 cms. Very popular with children! Cute little low growing plant with deep green, glossy, arrowhead leaves and long-tailed, brown and white flowers that suggest mice doing handstands in the greenery. Forms a low patch under trees in spring, goes dormant in hot weather. Often autumn to winter dormant.

Geranium Summer Skies


A lovely Geranium with tight double flowers which are palest lilac blue and white and are held clear of the compact bright green foliage. Much admired by all who see it in flower. 60 x 60 cms. If lightly trimmed it will produce three flower flushes a year. Looks superb in a pot. Winter dormant.