1. When can I order plants or bulbs?

Plants and potted bulbs can be ordered all year round but may be dormant at the time
of sending.

2. Which options do I have for ordering?

You can place orders by e mail, phone or via my order form found in my paper catalogue.

3. Shall I list some substitutes in my order?

Yes this is preferable as some lines sell out fast.

4. When and how do I need to pay?

If you are sending an order-form in the mail, please contact me regarding pre-payment options. If you are placing an order by e mail, direct payment by internet is the easiest option. Or you can visit a bank and deposit your payment directly into my bank account.

5. How will the goods be delivered?

Goods are sent with Aramex Couriers or NZ Post.

6. Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, my catalogue is available here or by e mail.


7. Where do you send the plants and bulbs to?

All over New Zealand.

8. Do you have group visits?

Yes but by arrangement please.

9. Are you on trademe?

Yes, I am 'clematis11’.

10. Are you on facebook?

Yes, my facebook group is called Wake Robin Nursery Group.