Felicia amelloides Blue

Height to 50 cms. Bright blue daisy-like flowers with yellow centres spring to summer. Sun and good drainage. Drought tolerant.

Height to 50 cms.  Bright blue daisy-like flowers with yellow centres spring to summer.  Sun and good drainage. Drought tolerant.

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Phlomis tuberosa 'Bronze Flamingo'


Rare. Abundant lavender pink hooded flowers on dark burgundy stems from late spring to summer. Specimen plant. Sun and well drained soil with medium moisture. Tolerates some drought. Attractive to bees and butterflies.

Phlox Paniculata 'White Admiral'


To 90 cms. Large rounded heads of fragrant white flowers. Sun or partial shade, good drainage. Lightens up a duller corner of your garden. Winter dormant.

Lilium Arabian Knight


Potted up. Martagon Lily. Height to 1.5 metre. Small pendant flowers early summer. Bright orange-yellow, broadly edged and speckled with deep mahogany red. Large orange anthers. Generally more shade tolerant. Winter dormant.

Lilium martagon album


Species Lily Bulb. Large size. Waxy, pure white flowers .Once these lilies are established, their 1-1.3 metre stems can have 20 to 30 fragrant unspotted 25mm blooms late spring/early summer.. Cover with 50-75mm of soil.. Does not always bloom the first year after planting, usually requires at least 12 months of "settling-in".Ideal for naturalising in wild flower borders in woodland settings. Content when their roots are in cool shade and their flowering stems are in sun but well suited to growing in dappled shade-good drainage. For best results, some grit and a generous quantity of leafmould or other organic material should be mixed through the soil until it is crumbly and open in texture. In areas where subsoil is heavy and dense, bulbs can be placed on top of a layer of grit or sand to give extra protection from wet conditions. Winter dormant - best collected november to january.