Geum 'Jess' - peach apricot

Height to 25 cms. Frilly peach apricot semi-double flowers in spring. Sun or part shade.

Height to 25 cms. Filly peach apricot, semi-double flowers in spring. Sun or part shade. 

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Geum Tempo Yellow


Height to 50 cms. Semi-double flowers mid-spring to summer. Masses of yellow to apricot blooms. Tidy, clump forming. Sun or part shade and well-drained soil.

Eranthis hyemalis


To 20 cms. Flowers July to early August at about the same time as snowdrops. Ideal for lightly wooded or shrubby area, not under evergreens. Humous rich soil that is moist from winter to early spring. Take care when planting as its hard to tell top from bottom. Dormant autumn to early winter.

Filipendula palmata Rubra


To 1.5 metres. In mid summer produces pale to deep pink flowers in feathery corymbs to 20 cms across on simple or branching stems. Moist soil, sun or part shade. Lovely ground cover for herbaceous border or woodland garden, leave to naturalise. Winter dormant.

Jasione laevis


To 20 cms. Forms a low tuft or mound of grey-green leaves, bearing balls of violet-blue flowers for weeks on end that look similar to a Scabious or Pincushion Flower. Prefers an acidic, well drained soil. Excellent in a rock garden but suitable for a border or edging a pathway. Remove faded flowers to promote more buds to form. Sun to part shade.