Helleborus argutifolius 'Pacific Frost'

Height to 40 cms. Ivory coloured flowers. Evergreen, variegated, speckled leaves. Dry, well-drained soil. Open woodland, light shade. Year one plants.

Height to 40 cms. Ivory coloured flowers. Evergreen variety with variegated, speckled leaves. Dry, well-drained soil. Open woodland or light shade.  Year one plants.

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Salvia Castanea


Seldom seen in New Zealand. 30-60 cms in height. The 1-1.5 in flowers grow in whorls on an inflorescence about 30 cms long. The name castanea, which means 'chestnut coloured', refers to the purplish-maroon flowers. Summer flowering. Sun. Winter dormant.

Lysimachia punctata


To 90 cms. Loose spikes of bright-yellow starry flowers in summer. Ground cover for sun or partial shade. Attractive to butterflies and nice for cutting. Winter dormant.

Hepatica nobilis


(Jewels of Spring). To 10 cms. Very pretty open bowl shaped lavender blue flowers to 2.5 cms across, each with 6-7 sepals are borne in spring, mainly before the leaves. May have a second flowering late summer/autumn. Slow growing hardy perennial. Grow in humus rich, moist but well drained soil in partial shade. Suits a rockery. alpine or woodland garden. Winter dormant.

Primula sikkimensis - 5 growing on lines


5 small pots - suitable to be potted on (Growing on Lines). Rare beauty. To 60 cms when in flower. Large, fragrant, flared, pale yellow bell-shaped flowers above dense rosettes of crinkled and toothed leaves. Rare species, almost as large as the Giant Himalayan Cowslip. Lovely for under rhododendrons. Winter dormant.