Hosta 'Fried Green Tomatoes'

Height to 60 cms. Large, glossy, olive green leaves. White flowers late summer. Showy backdrop plant. Moist soil, some shade best. Winter dormant.

Height to 60 cms.  Large, glossy, olive-green leaves. White flowers late summer.  Showy backdrop plant. Moist soil, some shade best.  Winter dormant.

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Geum Rivale 'Roseum'


To 20 cms. Cute wee geum that is dwarf in nature with small deep pink flowers from spring. Sun is best, suits rockery or edge of border. Semi dormant in winter.

Geum Rivale 'Alba'


A lovely wee Geum that is dwarf in nature with small white hooded flowers. Very cute! Sun or part shade and well drained soil. Suits a rockery type situation. Flowers in spring and again spasmodically summer to late autumn. Semi dormant in winter.

Phlox Paniculata 'Starfire'


To 1 metre. Large rounded, heads of reddish flowers. Tall perennial phloxes are best in sun/part shade. Fragrant, popular, mid summer flowering, Ground cover, clump forming. May need collected /trimmed back. Winter dormant.

Campanula Dickson's Gold


Height to 15 cms. Striking bright gold, toothed leaves - colour is lime green. If grown in part shade. Lavender blue, star-shaped, upward facing flowers late spring to mid-summer. Compact for rockery or edging. Winter dormant.