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Iris Innominata

(Pacifc Coast). Creamy coloured flowers with darker falls. Lower growing for rockery or border. Spring to early summer flowering. Sun or part sun suitable. Tolerates a drier soil.

(Pacific Coast variety). Lower growing with pretty creamy coloured flowers with darker falls. Suits rockery or border. Spring to early summer flowering. Sun or part shade suitable. Tolerates a drier soil. 

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Lilium Hansonii


Rarely available. An easily grown, very fragrant, eastern Asiatic species bearing 3 to 12 nodding turk's cap flowers of orange-yellow, spotted brownish purple towards the throat. Narrow leaves, mostly in whorls, on stems to 1.5m, flowering early to mid summer. Long-lived and hardy in most situations but not deep shade. Winter dormant.

Scilla ramburei


A dwarf, showy species related to Scilla verna but far more vigorous with about 25 attractive 1cm flowers, each with a single bract, crowded into a spike above the narrow, inconspicuous leaves. Most well-drained garden soils which are suitable for bulbs and grows well here outside in a sunny raised bed. Winter dormant.

Galtonia viridiflora


One potted, large bulb. Superb, fragrant with strap shaped leaves from which arise strong upright stems holding racemes of pale green, nodding, bell shaped flowers with waxy petals - apple green. Winter dormant.

Alyssum citrinum


Showy yellow flowers over many months. Height to 30 cms. Sun. Ground cover. Tolerates droughts. Great for rockery or over edging.