Iris siberica

To 80 cms. White flowers with yellow hafts in summer. Unnamed variety. Sun and good drainage.

Hieght to 80 cms. Unnamed - white flowers with yellow hafts in summer. Sun and good drainage. Clump forming. 

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Primula florindae Mixed


(Giant Cowslip). Winter dormant.To 60 cms in height. Candelabra primula and one of the last primulas to flower. Beautiful fragrant scented red, orange or pale yellow flowers. Light shade and moist soil.

Salvia x jamensis 'Nachtvlinder'


Height to 60 cms. Lovely with 2 tone purple flowers that are highly fragrant. Long flowering. Suitable for sun. Dead-heading promotes more growth and flowering.

Thalictrum delavayi 'Album'


1.2 metre stems of pretty foliage topped with a myriad of small pure white flowers with prominent stamens, creating a cloud-like effect. Sun or semi-shade, rich soil. Moisture in summer. Winter dormant.

Omphalodes 'Kuzinskyana'


To 30 cms. Evergreen. Blue flowers from spring onwards - seeds lightly. A good groundcover for a semi-shade or full shade. Long flowering.