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Lilium Asiatic burnt orange

Lovely burnt orange flowers mid summer - very pretty. Sun and good dranage. Asiactic Lily. Winter dormant.

 Lovely burnt orange flowers mid summer – very pretty. Sun and good dranage. Asiatic Lily. Winter dormant. 

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Geranium 'Summer Snow'


To 45 cms. Small, pure white flowers with deeply notched petals on long, dividing stems. Very long flowering. Suits sun. Ground cover variety. Winter dormant.

Clematis integrifolia 'Blue Ribbons'


(Bush Clematis). Large indigo blue flowers in summer. New growth brings a second flush of flowers. Low growing and best lightly staked or supported. Prune late winter to 20 cms above 2 well developed buds. Winter dormant.

Lilium Hansonii


Rarely available. An easily grown, very fragrant, eastern Asiatic species bearing 3 to 12 nodding turk's cap flowers of orange-yellow, spotted brownish purple towards the throat. Narrow leaves, mostly in whorls, on stems to 1.5m, flowering early to mid summer. Long-lived and hardy in most situations but not deep shade. Winter dormant.

Arisarum probosideum


(Mouse plant). 20 cms. Very popular with children! Cute little low growing plant with deep green, glossy, arrowhead leaves and long-tailed, brown and white flowers that suggest mice doing handstands in the greenery. Forms a low patch under trees in spring, goes dormant in hot weather. Often autumn to winter dormant.