Muscari 'Blue Spike'

3 potted bulbs. Have flowered. Lovely double blue flowers in spring. Sun and good drainage. Autumn dormant.

3 large potted bulbs.  Height 10 to 15 cms. Beautiful and unusual.large flower heads with tightly packed double flowers of bright blue with white edges. Long lasting. Spring flowering.  Sun. Plant in a group or in containers.  Autum or winter dormant.

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Gentiana triflora 'White Magic'


Lovely white flowers from summer to autumn. Height to 20 cms. Summer flowering. Sun, keep moist. Winter dormant.

Primula auricula - Mixed


Mixed only - may include any of the colours in photos displayed. They thrive best in a moist soil, rich in humus, preferring a well-drained sheltered site where there is a little dappled shade. Alternatively, plant them in a low patio pot or alpine trough which can be moved to a shady spot in the summer months.

Galanthus 'Sam Arnott'


(Snowdrops). 3 large (flowering size) bulbs-potted. Supposed to be the easiest and one of the nicest to grow with very large flower. Delightful in july/august for the first of the spring bulbs. Very good drainage, sun to part shade. Summer/autumn dormant.

Pulsatilla vulgaris Mixed


May include shades of purple, red, or white. Spring flowering favourite silky hairy flowers. The attractive seed heads that follow are soft feathery tufts or plumes. A wonderful rock garden plant, with a long season of interest. Also useful for border edging. Drought tolerant, once established. Often has a second flowering in autumn. Semi dormant in winter.