Tricyrtis hirta - white/purple


5 large pieces with a good shoot. (Toad Lily). Beautiful orchid-like flowers in autumn. White with purple spots. Moist soil. Great for shady woodland or perennial border. Well-drained, rich, moist soil. Coded as Number 8. Winter dormant.

Tricyrtis hirta 'Tojen' - lavender/yellow, 5 pieces


5 barerooted pieces with strong shoots. To 75 cms. Large orchid-like lavender flowers with yellow-throated bases summer/early autumn. Exotic looking for moist, woodland garden in part/full shade. Coded Number One. Winter dormant.

Tricyrtis formosana variegata - 5 pieces


5 barerooted pieces. (Toad Lily). Unique and easy, hardy perennial for shady areas. Leafy, arching stems produce a display of bizarre star-shaped flowers in autumn, excellent for cutting. Soft lavender-pink flowers, heavily spotted in rose-purple. Variegated leaves. Ground cover. Winter dormant. Coded as number six.

Tricyrtis tojen- 5 pieces


5 pieces with strong shoots. Late flowering variety about end of march. Lavender/purple/white flowers with purple spots. Yellow at base of petals. Ground cover for part/full shade. Winter dormant. Coded as Number 5.

Viola sororia 'Freckles' - 5 pieces


5 barerooted pieces. White blooms speckled with violet in spring. Heart shaped leaves. Edible. Winter dormant.

Viola sororia 'Freckles' - 20 pieces


20 pieces. White blooms speckled with violet in spring. Tolerates sun in the south, suitable for part/full shade. Self seeds. Leaves and flowers edible. Winter dormant.