Primula Cowichan


To 15 cms. Rich velvety red, beautiful colour. Spring to early summer flowrering. Part shade.

Primula sikkimensis - 5 growing on lines


5 small pots - suitable to be potted on (Growing on Lines). Rare beauty. To 60 cms when in flower. Large, fragrant, flared, pale yellow bell-shaped flowers above dense rosettes of crinkled and toothed leaves. Rare species, almost as large as the Giant Himalayan Cowslip. Lovely for under rhododendrons. Winter dormant.

Primula Veris Mixed


Mixed - may include yellow, red or orangy/red. Suitable for part shade. Spring flowering . Let me know which colour you would like and i will try and provide this.

Pulmonaria angustifolia


Low growing with pretty blue flowers late winter to spring, at about the same time as Snowdrops and Eranthis. Ground cover that suits part or full shade.

Reineckia carneo


Height to 20 cms. Evergreen ground cover for open woodland or around shrubs. Moist shade. Light pink flowers followed by red berries. Glossy rich foliage.

Rodgersia podophylla


60cms tall. Great architectural plant for moist, humus rich soil and some shade. Striking bronze coloured leaves in spring, going dark green through summer, then turning red in autumn. Masses of tiny creamy white flowers, sometimes flushed pink or red. 1 litre.