Geranium Pyrenaicum 'Bill Wallis'


(Cranesbill). Ever green with deep purple flowers spring to autumn. Long flowering. Sun or light shade.

Geranium Summer Skies


A lovely Geranium with tight double flowers which are palest lilac blue and white and are held clear of the compact bright green foliage. Much admired by all who see it in flower. 60 x 60 cms. If lightly trimmed it will produce three flower flushes a year. Looks superb in a pot. Winter dormant.

Geranium x magnificum


Popular variety. Clumps of handsome dark green foliage, which colours well in autumn. The flowers are rich violet-blue, heavily veined on 60 cm stalks in midsummer. Sun/part shade. Clump forming hardy perennial. Winter dormant.

Geranium x Victor Reiter strain


Height from 40 to 80 cms.  Lovely greenish purple foliage and blue flowers. Sun or partial shade in summer. Winter dormant.

Geum coccineum 'Koi'


Height to 20 cms. Dwarf variety with compact, bright orange red flowers late spring to summer. Sun or partial shade.

Geum golden yellow with red flush


Unnamed but a very pretty Geum that has yellow flowers with a red flush. Spring flowering and a light second flowering late summer/autumn. Sun or partial shade. Semi-dormant in winter.