Primula Cowichan

To 15 cms. Rich velvety red, beautiful colour. Spring to early summer flowrering. Part shade.

To 15 cms.  Rich velvety red, beautiful colour. Spring to early summer flowering. Part shade.

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Ixia Elvira - Duck Egg Blue


(Seldom available). 1 litre pot with 5+ bulbs ranging from small to large. Height - 60 to 90 cms. Flowers are a pale ‘duck egg’ colour in spring. Lovely cut flower. Sun and very good drainage. Needs frost protection. Suits containers.

Galtonia viridiflora


One potted, large bulb. Superb, fragrant with strap shaped leaves from which arise strong upright stems holding racemes of pale green, nodding, bell shaped flowers with waxy petals - apple green. Winter dormant.

Primula sikkimensis


Rare beauty. To 60 cms when in flower. Large, fragrant, flared, pale yellow bell-shaped flowers above dense rosettes of crinkled and toothed leaves. Rare species, almost as large as the Giant Himalayan Cowslip. Lovely for under rhododendrons. Winter dormant.

Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'


Award -winning cultivar. 3 large potted bulbs. Height 15 to 20 cms. Spring flowering with beautiful, fragrant, densely compacted bright white nodding flowers. Plant in a group. Sun or light shade. Good for cut flowers. Winter dormant.