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Lilium Triumphator
One large, potted, flowering sized bulb. Stunning variety that is a cross between Oriental and Trumpet - OT Hybrid Lily. Stunning with large sweetly scented white trumpets that have deep burgundy-red centres. Tall. Winter dormant. 1-1.5 metres in height.
Price: $8.00
Muscari White Magic
3 large Muscari White Magic bulbs.   Compact grape hyacinths which are uniform in size and flower shape. Ideal for pots to bring indoors. Naturalise well. Pure white, a new larger and stronger variety. 12 to 15 cms. Sun, good drainage and easy to grow. Winter dormant.
Price: $7.00
Nerine 'Fothergilla Major'
2 large sized Nerine 'Fothergilli Major' bulbs. Seldom available - stunning.Vibrant red blooms in early autumn. Nerines like well drained soil in a full sun position. Plant with the bulb neck above the soil level. They do not like to be disturbed, so they are ideal for pots and containers.Grows 40-60cm high x 8-15cm wide. Dormant winter to spring.
Price: $10.00
3 large bulbs. Long blooming with beautiful large flowers, yellow to orange or rarely white, often with a green or brown center. This species is found on mountains and flats over a broad area in the Cape Province of South Africa. Sun, good drainage. Suits drier place in garden eg rockery or under eave. Winter dormant.
Price: $8.00
Ornithogalum Thyrsoides
Ornithogalum Thyrsoides bulbs - potted, has flowered. Abundant long lasting flowers throughout spirng. Suitable for rockery, sun, good drainage. Easy and increases quickly.  White flowers, 30-50 cm stems. Winter dormant.
Price: $7.50
Produces a large showy inflorescence with 1-3 flowers growing from each corm. The flowers are 30-35 mm wide, quite variable in colour, purplish-pink or lilac, with darker veining on the tepals, a deep-yellow or orange throat and a whitish band above. Bright yellow stamens. Winter dormant.
Price: $7.00
Scilla hohenackeri
3 large flowering size bulbs.Stunning flower, collectors item. Seldom available Height to15cm, makes upright stems topped by pale lilac blue flowers. Native of open spots in woods and partially shaded rock crevices in Iran.For any rich, well drained soil in a sunny to partially shaded spot. Winter dormant.
Price: $8.00
Scilla peruviana
1 large bulb - has flowered.  Clump-forming, semi-evergreen, bulbous perennial with a cluster of lance-shaped, mid-green basal leaves and racemes of nodding, deep purple-blue flowers late spring/early summer. Semi evergreen, depending on where you live. Suits sunnny place and good drainage. Easy.
Price: $5.00
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