Romulea Mixed

Pink and white mixed seed. 30 seeds (2017).  Bulbous, winter dormant
Pink and white mixed seed. 30 seeds (2017).  Bulbous, winter dormant
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Anemonopsis macrophylla


Younger but choice woodland plants to 55 cms. Divided, ferny foliage. Slender, elegant spikes bear nodding, opalescent flowers that are white with ametheyst/violet. Humus-rich, semi-shaded, moist but well drained soil. Winter dormant.

Epimediums - mixed


Epimediums mixed – may include pink/red, creamy lemon, yellow, or autumn tonings. Useful ground covers for dry shade as ground covers. Height to 35 cms. Foliage often takes on autumn tonings later in the season.

Centaurea dealbata - dark pink


Height to 60 cms. Very pretty dark pink flowers over divided foliage. Sun or part shade. Tolerates drier conditions. Attracts bees and butterflies. Winter dormant.