Salvia x jamensis 'Riverton Red'

To 70 cms. Purple red flowers in summer - very long flowering. Highly fragrant, attracts bees. Sun and good drainage.

Height to 70 cms. Purply red flowers in summer - very long flowering. Highly fragrant. Attracts bees. Sun and good drainage. 

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Salvia Castanea


Seldom seen in New Zealand. 30-60 cms in height. The 1-1.5 in flowers grow in whorls on an inflorescence about 30 cms long. The name castanea, which means 'chestnut coloured', refers to the purplish-maroon flowers. Summer flowering. Sun. Winter dormant.

Salvia x jamensis 'Nachtvlinder'


Height to 60 cms. Lovely with 2 tone purple flowers that are highly fragrant. Long flowering. Suitable for sun. Dead-heading promotes more growth and flowering.

Salvia x jamensis 'Raspberry Royale'


Height to 70 cms. Stunning raspberry-purple flowers from late spring, over many months. Sun and good drainage.

Helleborus niger ' White Magic'


Height to about 40 cms. Evergreen. Large white flowers with a green eye. Leathery type foliage. Good drainage essential. Suitable for under Rhododendrons or deciduous trees.