Scabiosa officinalis

To 50 cms. May be mixed colours. Sun. Creamy lemon flowers so far.

To 50 cms. May be mixed colours - creamy lemon flowers so far.  Sun. 

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Dianthus 'Knappi'


To 40 cms. Drought tolerant alpine. Long stems with clusters of light yellow flowers in summer. Average/dry/sandy well-drained soil. Attracts insects.

Epimediums - mixed


Epimediums mixed – may include pink/red, white, creamy lemon, yellow, or autumn tonings. Useful ground covers for dry shade as ground covers. Height to 35 cms. Foliage often takes on autumn tonings later in the season.

Scabiosa caucasica 'Blue Mountain'


Height to 60 cms. Masses of large blue flowers on tall stalks. Remove old flowers to prolong flowering spring to autumn. Sun, good drainage.

Erysimum Orange Flame


Ground cover with pretty golden orange flowers - long flowering. Sun. Clump forming.