Soldanella villosa

15 cms. Lavender blue flowers late spring. Moist, shar[;u drained soil, part shade. Suits shady crevices. Alpine.

15 cms. Lavender blue flowers late spring. Moist, sharply drained soil, part shade. Suits sharply drained soil. Alpine.

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Lilium Hansonii


Rarely available. An easily grown, very fragrant, eastern Asiatic species bearing 3 to 12 nodding turk's cap flowers of orange-yellow, spotted brownish purple towards the throat. Narrow leaves, mostly in whorls, on stems to 1.5m, flowering early to mid summer. Long-lived and hardy in most situations but not deep shade. Winter dormant. 

Lilium Fusion


Species Lily. Height to 1 metre. Very large, wide, outward -facing scarlet-red flowers with creamy yellow centres speckled with black. Light fragrant. Winter dormant.

Peltiphyllum peltata


(Darmera peltata). To 1.3 metres. Rounded cymes of numerous 5-petalled pink flowers late spring followed by large rounded leaves. Rounded, deeply lobed, coarsely toothed, dark green leaves with conspicuous veins to 60 cms across, that turn red in autumn. Slowly spreading, perennial, suits some shade. 1 litre pots - winter dormant.

Salvia Castanea


Seldom seen in New Zealand. 30-60 cms in height. The 1-1.5 in flowers grow in whorls on an inflorescence about 30 cms long. The name castanea, which means 'chestnut coloured', refers to the purplish-maroon flowers. Summer flowering. Sun. Winter dormant.