Wake Robin Nursery

I think it was inevitable that I should grow to love plants! My extended family have long been gardening and plant enthusiasts, so it’s not surprising that my work headed in this direction. My younger years spent on the farm, I am sure contributed to my love of the outdoor life.

I have lived in Otago most of my life. In 1992, I started growing a few plants to assist with fund raising for overseas missions.  Looking back it’s amazing to see that from these humble beginnings, a nursery developed and evolved along the way to where it is at today. 

There was a larger variety of stock in the nursery in the earlier years from annuals to vegetable plants, roses, shrubs, herbs, bulbs and perennials. 

My horticultural studies with Open Polytechnic and local work experience were helpful in building up skills and expertise in the nursery industry. In 2002, I devoted more time to the nursery and was fortunate to be able to purchase the existing stock of a Trillium nursery.  From about 2008, I have been building up lines of more unusual or ‘hard to get’ plants and bulbs. Long gone are the days of trying to grow a bit of everything.

Wally, my right-hand man, works locally and assists me in ongoing maintenance of the nursery and other work as required.  We enjoy living in Balclutha, South Otago.  Balclutha or “Clutha” is the major service centre for the farming region around the lower reaches of the Clutha River.  

 We look forward to your enquiries or future visits.

Sue Bound

Wake Robin Nursery