Lilum Henryi


(Native of China) Unscented, heavily down facing recurved wild lily that is very easy to grow. Apricot/Orange with raised prominent stamens. Established stems will produce many flowers and might need staking to hold up the many flowers. Over one metre in height - winter dormant.

Muscari Iceberg


Pale blue flowers in spring. Sun.

Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'


Award -winning cultivar. 3 large potted bulbs. Height 15 to 20 cms. Spring flowering with beautiful, fragrant, densely compacted bright white nodding flowers. Plant in a group. Sun or light shade. Good for cut flowers. Winter dormant.

Zephyranthes verecunda


3 large bulbs in pots. To 20 cms. Flowers white, tinged with pink that open up after rain in spring/summer. Often more than one flower per bulb. Suits sandy, drier soil, sun.

Haemanthus albiflos


Known for its lovely leaves, long flowering season and red berries and is an excellent choice for shady spots in the garden or in pots. Dappled shade is best. Grows up to 25 cms when in flower. Leaves are usually smooth and shiny. Plant with the upper half of the bulb above the soil level. The compact flower heads are up to 5cm wide, consisting of numerous erect, narrow white flowers. The erect stamens protrude conspicuously beyond the tips of the flowers and the anthers turn yellow or orange when ripe. Protect from hard frost – not fully hardy.

Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola


3 large potted bulbs. Sun and good drainage. Can be sent as loose bulbs in autumn. Blue flowers. Winter dormant.