Galanthus 'Sam Arnott'


(Snowdrops). 3 large (flowering size) bulbs-potted. Supposed to be the easiest and one of the nicest to grow with very large flower. Delightful in july/august for the first of the spring bulbs. Very good drainage, sun to part shade. Summer/autumn dormant.

Lilum Henryi


(Native of China) Unscented, heavily down facing recurved wild lily that is very easy to grow. Apricot/Orange with raised prominent stamens. Established stems will produce many flowers and might need staking to hold up the many flowers. Over one metre in height - winter dormant.

Muscari Iceberg


Pale blue flowers in spring. Sun.

Muscari 'Touch of Snow'


3 large bulbs. Rich cobalt blue flowers with a 'touch of snow' on 10 to 15 cm stems in spring. Plant in groups. Sun. Winter dormant.

Muscari White Magic


3 large Muscari White Magic bulbs. Compact grape hyacinths which are uniform in size and flower shape. Ideal for pots to bring indoors. Naturalise well. Pure white, a new larger and stronger variety. 12 to 15 cms. Sun, good drainage and easy to grow. Winter dormant.

Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'


Award -winning cultivar. 3 large potted bulbs. Height 15 to 20 cms. Spring flowering with beautiful, fragrant, densely compacted bright white nodding flowers. Plant in a group. Sun or light shade. Good for cut flowers. Winter dormant.