Bellevalia romana


Pot of 3 large Bellevalia romana bulbs. White flowers. Sun. 25 cms in height. Winter dormant.

Cardiocrinum giganteum


COLLECT LATE SEPT TO SUMMER. Large 5 to 6 year old bulbs in large round pots. Whorls of shiny green leaves. Up to 4 semi pendant flowers in dark purply/black shades. Similar interior colour but lacquered. Slight shade, humus rich soil. Keep moist even after flowering. Autumn/Winter dormant.

Galtonia viridiflora


One potted, large bulb. Superb, fragrant with strap shaped leaves from which arise strong upright stems holding racemes of pale green, nodding, bell shaped flowers with waxy petals - apple green. Winter dormant.

Lilium Arabian Knight


Potted up. Martagon Lily. Height to 1.5 metre. Small pendant flowers early summer. Bright orange-yellow, broadly edged and speckled with deep mahogany red. Large orange anthers. Generally more shade tolerant. Winter dormant.

Lilium Beverly's Dreams


OT Hybrid. To 1.2 metres. Large, maroon flowers with cream edges. Highly fragrant. Stunning. Winter dormant.

Lilium Casablanca


COLLECT MID SEPTEMBER ONWARDS.. Very large, highly fragrant white flowers. Height to 1.3 metres. Huge flowers, delicately flecked. Widely considered the best white Oriental ever. Winter dormant.