Bellevalia romana


Pot of Bellevalia romana bulbs. White flowers. Sun. 25 cms in height. Winter dormant.

Bluebells - 50 small


50 small sized Bluebell bulbs.  Taller variety flowering in spring.  50 t0 60 cms in height. Great for woodland ground cover. Easy to grow. Great blue colour. Winter dormant.

Freesia refracta alba - 5 large


5 large bulbs - potted. Height to 25 cms when in flower. Highly fragrant with creamy white flowers. Sun and very good drainage. Popular variety. Dormant in winter.

Galanthus 'Sam Arnott'


(Snowdrops). 3 large (flowering size) bulbs-potted. Supposed to be the easiest and one of the nicest to grow with very large flower. Delightful in july/august for the first of the spring bulbs. Very good drainage, sun to part shade. Summer/autumn dormant.

Lilium Casablanca


COLLECT MID SEPTEMBER ONWARDS. One large potted Lilium Casablanca bulb. Very large, highly fragrant white flowers. Height to 1.3 metres. Huge flowers, delicately flecked. Widely considered the best white Oriental ever. Winter dormant.

Lilium Fusion


Species Lily. Height to 1 metre. Very large, wide, outward -facing scarlet-red flowers with creamy yellow centres speckled with black. Light fragrant. Winter dormant.