Lilium Henryi


Species Lily. The flowers are orange, spotted black, and unscented. The petals are recurving (bent backwards).To about 1.5 m high - may need staking. Long lasting flowers and textured petals. Sun and good drainage

Lilium Chocolate


1 potted Tiger Lily. 1.2 metres tall. Chocolate coloured with deeper chocolate speckles. Flowers early to mid-summer. Tiger lilies are old-fashioned looking and are close in form to original species lilies. Their flowers hang downwards from the stems and are often heavily freckled.

Lilium Golden Splendour


Species. These Trumpet Lilies are simply outstanding. Their long skinny trumpets on tall stems boast 12 – 20cm blooms at 80+ cm high. Easy to grow they can produce up to 10-15 flowers per stem when fully grown. They prefer a sunny well drained position. Winter dormant.

Muscari purple/blue


Unnamed variety with 2 tone purple and blue flowers. Colours graduate into one another. Sun and good drainage. 3 large potted bulbs. Autumn dormant.

Brodiaea 'Queen Fabiola


3 large potted bulbs. Sun and good drainage. Can be sent as loose bulbs in autumn. Blue flowers. Winter dormant.

Colchicum Agrippinum


5 large bulbs. Will be sent as loose bulbs. Height to 10 cms. Distinctly different from the goblet-shaped forms, the flowers open almost flat, with broad, pointed petals, which are pinkish-lilac heavily chequered in darker purple tones. Narrow, wavy-edged leaves appear after flowering. This bulb increases well in composted soil, in an open, sunny site. Winter dormant.