Zantedeschia (Arum Lily) - 5 pieces


5 pieces sent bare-rooted in damp newspaper in a bag to conserve moisture. Height to about 60 cms. Pure white funnel-shaped flowers. Wetland plants, great ground cover for around ponds and streams. Rhizomatous, prolific ground cover. Broad arrow-shaped dark green leaves. Winter domant. Hardy perennial - winter dormant.

Disporum cantoniense 'Night Heron'


(Canton fairy bells). 1 -1.5 metres in height. Dark purple stems and dusky purple leaves. Small, bell-shaped, pale ellow flowers late spring. Showy, purple berries in autumn. Clump forming. Winter dormant.

Corydalis flexuosa


To 40 cms. Upright slender, long spurred, tubular blue flowers with whitish throats late spring to early summer. May be summer dormant, then autumn flowering. Rhizomatous ground cover for shade. Winter dormant.

Convallaria majalis - 10 pieces


10 pieces of Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley). Height to about 20 cms. Highly fragrant hanging white bells late spring. Lance shaped leaves. Part shade, moist. Winter dormant.