Tricyrtis formosana lavender white with purple specs


Height to 80 cms. Dark green leaf. Lavender white flowers with purple specs and yellow stamens March/April. Shade and consistent moisture. Winter dormant.

Astilbe Chinensis


Height to 40 cms. Lovely greenish purple foliage and blue flowers. Sun or partial shade in summer. Winter dormant.

Astilbe pale lavender pink


Unnamed variety with beautiful pale lavender pink flowers in summer. Dwarf variety. Shade and moisture. Finer, more delilcate foliage and flowers. Winter dormant.

Silene uniflora


Low-growing and mat-forming with white flowers in summer - very long flowering. Sun or part shade. Suits rockery, edge of border or pots.

Zantedeschia (Arum Lily) - 5 pieces


5 pieces sent bare-rooted in damp newspaper in a bag to conserve moisture. Height to about 60 cms. Pure white funnel-shaped flowers. Wetland plants, great ground cover for around ponds and streams. Rhizomatous, prolific ground cover. Broad arrow-shaped dark green leaves. Winter domant. Hardy perennial - winter dormant.

Ranunculus cortusifolius


To 1 metre in height. Giant buttercup. Clump forming. Large shiny green leaves. From spring to summer, tall stems carry very large golden-yellow buttercup flowers. Ornamental variety. Moist soil, part shade. Winter dormant.