Primula Scapeosa


To 20 cms- large pink flowers on short stems above the leaf rosette. Early spring flowering. Slightly moist but well drained soil. Part shade. Winter dormant.

Primula Japonica 'Alba'


To 60 cms. Beautiful pure white flowers with honey-yellow centres. Part shade. Suits woodland garden or near water features. Semi-dormant in winter.

Primula chungensis


To 70 cms. Candelabra style primula. From mid spring, stout stems carry tiered whorls of bright orange flowers. The striking red/orange buds open to orangey yellowSome shade best and moist soil. Winter dormant.

Primula pulverulenta


(Mealy Primrose). To 1 metre. Strong stems of deep pink flowers arise from basal rosettes of leaves in spring. Moist soil. Winter dormant.

Tricyrtis hirta - No 10


A variety with broader petals. White with deep violet/purple specs and yellow throat. Moist soil and some shade. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'First Blush


To 30 cms. The first ‘red leaf’ variety. The red blush on the green leaf is more prominent in the spring and fades to more green throughout the season. Amazing variety that has green leaves with red petioles that extend into the leaf blade and there is also a thin red margin around the leaf. In spring, the leaf between the veins will start to ‘blush’ red from the tip of the leaf down toward the base. Shade, moist soil. Winter dormant.