Phlomis russeliana


(Jerusalem Sage). 1 metre stems with whorls of pale hooded yellow flowers from summer to autumn. Sun or part shade and good drainage. Drought tolerant once established. Excellent cut flower. Winter floral stems attractive in floral work. Winter dormant.

Pinellia tripartita


Rare and unusual. To 30 cms. Moist well-drained soil and part/full shade. Yellowish-green flower in summer Resembles a dwarf Arisaema with large, extending green spathes and an elongated spadix that emerges from the spathe and extends 20 cms up into the air. Woodland garden, rock garden. Winter dormant.

Primula Cowichan


To 15 cms. Rich velvety red, beautiful colour. Spring to early summer flowrering. Part shade.

Primula sikkimensis


Rare beauty. To 60 cms when in flower. Large, fragrant, flared, pale yellow bell-shaped flowers above dense rosettes of crinkled and toothed leaves. Rare species, almost as large as the Giant Himalayan Cowslip. Lovely for under rhododendrons. Winter dormant.

Primula Veris Mixed


Mixed - may include yellow or orangy/red. Suitable for part shade. Spring flowering.

Pulmonaria angustifolia


Low growing with pretty blue flowers late winter to spring, at about the same time as Snowdrops and Eranthis. Ground cover that suits part or full shade.