Suitable for Cutting

Paeonia Deep Double pink/red


Deepest of pink/red double flowers. Height to 1.2 metres. A beautiful but unnamed variety. Full sun, good drainage. These all have 4 eyes.

Phlox Paniculata "Le Madhi"


Height to 90 cms. Large heads of fragrant purply flowers in summer. Sun or light shade. Clump forming ground cover. Winter dormant.

Pyrethrum coccineum 'Robinson's Red'


(Painted Daisy). To 90 cms. Deep crimson, single daisy flowers late spring/summer. Finely-cut, somewhat ferny foliage in a mound. Sun/semi-shade. Cut flowers last well. Cottage garden, mixed border. Dormant in winter.

Pyrethrum Double White


To 90 cms in height. Impressive with lovely double white flowers in summer. Best in light shade. Winter dormant.

Ratibida pinnata (Yellow Coneflower)


Collect late summer to autumn. Height to 1.2 metres. (Yellow Coneflower). Showy yellow flowers with droopy soft yellow rays late summer to autumn. Cone-like green centres. Attracts insects. Drought tolerant. Excellent cut flower. Sun or part shade. Winter dormant.

Rodgersia pinnata 'Hanna'


To 1.5m. Handsome, attractively bronze tinted leaves and small star-shaped bright pink flowers in large conical panicles in summer. Suits near ponds in sun/semi shade. Moisture loving and clump forming. Winter dormant.