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There are about 150 different types of perennials and bulbs in the nursery including:

  • Trilliums
  • Rare plants and bulbs
  • Border perennials
  • Rockery plants
  • Woodland plants
  • Potted bulbs

There are a few seed varieties and plastic labels available for sale. Visitors can obtain a printed catalogue and are welcome to wander around and enjoy looking at the variety of lines on offer. Some photos are on display or online.

"Its been said that life is like a garden.
 Every small work of kindness and every thoughtful gesture is like a tiny seed.  
And when you plant these seeds, wonderful things can happen."  - Tracey Donovan



Mixed varieties and hardy for outdoors. Light shade best. Under rhododendrons is ideal. Tolerate a drier soil.

Geranium pratense f. albiflorum


Rare -seldom available. To 50 cms. Deeply divided leaves, hairy stems with pretty white flowers. Sun/part shade. Clump forming. Winter dormant.

Tricyrtis formosana lavender white with purple specs


Height to 80 cms. Dark green leaf. Lavender white flowers with purple specs and yellow stamens March/April. Shade and consistent moisture. Winter dormant.

Helleborus argutifolius 'Pacific Frost'


Height to 40 cms. Ivory coloured flowers. Evergreen, variegated, speckled leaves. Dry, well-drained soil. Open woodland, light shade. Year one plants.

Primula veris - Red shade


Lower growing variety with red flowers spring to summer - may flower in autumn. Some shade and moisture best.

Geum 'Mrs Bradshaw'


To 75 cms. Low clump of coarse green leaves, with branching stems. Scarlet-red, semi-double blooms late spring to late summer. Removing spent flowers regularly will encourage new flowers. Excellent cut flower. Sun or light shade.