Primula sieboldii 'Snowflake'


20 cms. Summer dormant in the garden. Soft crumply oval leaves, scalloped and stalked that bear pure white flowers in spring. Part shade.

Pulmonaria saccharata 'Leopard'


30 cms. Clump forming with bold, white spotted dark green leaves and pretty reddish pink flowers late winter/spring. Shade. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Fragrant Blue'


Height to 50 cms. Chalky blue leaves with some corrugation. Holds blue colour well into the season. Light lavender flowers in summer. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Fire Island'


Height to 40 cms. Popular variety. Brilliant yellow leaves accented by bright red petioles, in spring. Leaves become gently rippled with some corrugation at maturity. Best with morning sun and dappled shade later in the day. Lavender flowers in summer. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Loyalist'


To 30 cms. Pure white centres and very dark green margins. The leaves are heavy with substance. Lavender flowers are produced on white flower stems. 1 litre pots.

Hosta 'Sagae'


Height to 90cms. Frosty blue green leaves with creamy white margins. Part to full shade. One of the best Hostas with very good form. Winter dormant.