Helleborus niger ' White Magic'


Height to about 40 cms. Evergreen. Large white flowers with a green eye. Leathery type foliage. Good drainage essential. Suitable for under Rhododendrons or deciduous trees.

Arisarum probosideum


(Mouse plant). 20 cms. Very popular with children! Cute little low growing plant with deep green, glossy, arrowhead leaves and long-tailed, brown and white flowers that suggest mice doing handstands in the greenery. Forms a low patch under trees in spring, goes dormant in hot weather. Often autumn to winter dormant.

Hosta 'Treasure Trove'


Height to 50 cms. Light green with irregular margins of creamy yellow fading to white. Lavender flowers. Moist soil, some shade best. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Viette's Yellow Edge'


Height to 50 cms. Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a yellow margin. Lavender flowers. Sun or shade. Winter dormant.

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium


Alpine succulent. To 15 cms. Unusual dangling yellow flowers with fleshy leaves which change colour from mid-green to red. Grow in containers, rockeries and over rock walls. Dappled shade and good drainage. Clump forming. Winter dormant.

Aruncus dioicus


NEEDS COLLECTED NOVEMBER ONWARDS WHEN TALL. (Goats Beard). To 1.5 metres. Many dramatic plumes composed of tiny, white flowers in autumn. Light shade and moist soil-needs moisture over summer. Ideal for light shade and by water. Winter dormant.