Geranium 'Katherine Adele'


To 30 cms. Compact with beautiful brown markings on leaves and pale pink flowers. Sun or light shade. Winter dormant.

Ophiopogon Planiscarpus 'Black Dragon'


(Black Mondo Grass). Popular landscaping plant with deep purple-black grass-like leaves, punctuated by dainty flowers of pale violet, followed by shiny black berries. Great contrast plant for mass planting and edging. Sun or shade. Well drained soil.

Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'


COLLECT OCTOBER ONWARDS. To 90 cms. Beautiful foliage. Pointy heart-shaped leaves are medium green with a silvery V-shaped marking and a bronze centre. Sprays of tiny white flowers late summer. Part shade best. Winter dormant.

Potentilla argyrophylla 'Golden Starlit'


Easy to grow. To 30 cms in height. Pretty yellow flowers during the summer. Attractive silvery green foliage. Sun or light shade. Semi dormant in winter.

Primula sieboldii


20 cms. Summer dormant. Soft crumply oval leaves, scalloped and stalked that bear pale lavender flowers in spring. Part shade.

Primula sieboldii Silver/Pink


This Primula sieboldii has the most goreous silvery pink flowers in spring. Soft, crurmply, scalloped leaves. Partial shade. Summer dormant.