Hosta 'Little Jim'


To 22 cms. Wavy, lance-shaped medium green leaves with yellowish-white streaking. Green, gold and white. Purple flowers. Some shade. Good drainage. Winter dormant.

Bergenia Wanaka Wine


To 40 cms. Attractive, large, heart-shaped leaves that are glossy green, turning wine/burgundy in winter. Stalks of pink flowers early spring. Great ground cover for light shade. Drought tolerant.

Dracunculus vulgaris


Corms are 2 to 3 cms in width. (Dragon Lily). Large purple spathe and spadix. Large palmate leaves. Sun best but tolerates some shade. Winter dormant.

Beesia calthifolia


To 30 cms in height. Rare and seldom available. Wide rosettes are composed of dark, glossy greeen, heart-shaped leaves, each highlighted by attractive lighter veins. Slender, tall purple spikes in spring, adorned with tiny white flowers. Some moisture, rich woodland soil.

Epimedium x 'Sulphureum'


To 40 cms. Lots of dainty yellow flowers and attractive foliage. Slow growing ground cover and perfect for drier areas. Ideal for part to full shade such as under trees. Semi-dormant in winter.

Geranium macrorrhizum


(Big Root Geranium). Cransebill. Height to 45 cms. Rope like rhizomes that barely need to touch the ground. Aromatic spicy foliage that is rounded, lobed and divided. Evergreen with small pink flowers in spring. Nice ground cover and suits edging for shady area.