Tricyrtis formosana variegata


(Toad Lily). Unique and easy, hardy perennial for shady areas. Leafy, arching stems produce a fall display of bizarre star-shaped flowers in autumn, excellent for cutting. Soft lavender-pink flowers, heavily spotted in rose-purple. Variegated leaves. Winter dormant.

Viola x Koreana


This pretty spring flowering Viola has lavender/purple flowers in spring. It has unusual serrated, pointy shaped leaves with nice markings. Suits sun or partial shade. Good drainage. Winter dormant. Note this is not the variety with the rounded cyclamen like leaves. Winer dormant.

Farfugium japonicum argenteum


Used to be known as Ligularia. Height to 40 cms. Striking foliage plant with large leaves up to 50 cms across when fully mature. Splashes of white on green leaves. Shade is best. Yellow flowers.

Hosta 'Fragrant Blue'


Height to 50 cms. Chalky blue leaves with some corrugation. Holds blue colour well into the season. Light lavender flowers in summer. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Fire Island'


Height to 40 cms. Popular variety. Brilliant yellow leaves accented by bright red petioles, in spring. Leaves become gently rippled with some corrugation at maturity. Best with morning sun and dappled shade later in the day. Lavender flowers in summer. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Loyalist'


To 30 cms. Pure white centres and very dark green margins. The leaves are heavy with substance. Lavender flowers are produced on white flower stems. 1 litre pots.