Eranthis hyemalis


To 20 cms. Flowers July to early August at about the same time as snowdrops. Ideal for lightly wooded or shrubby area, not under evergreens. Humous rich soil that is moist from winter to early spring. Take care when planting as its hard to tell top from bottom. Dormant autumn to early winter.

Filipendula palmata 'Nana'


To 80 cms in height. Lovely pink flowers in summer. Sun or shade. Winter dormant.

Filipendula palmata Rubra


To 1.5 metres. In mid summer produces pale to deep pink flowers in feathery corymbs to 20 cms across on simple or branching stems. Moist soil, sun or part shade. Lovely ground cover for herbaceous border or woodland garden, leave to naturalise. Winter dormant.

Geranium macrorrhizum


(Big Root Geranium). Cransebill. Height to 45 cms. Rope like rhizomes that barely need to touch the ground. Aromatic spicy foliage that is rounded, lobed and divided. Evergreen with small pink flowers in spring. Nice ground cover and suits edging for shady area.

Helleborus Hybrids - Mixed


(Winter Rose). To 45 cms. May include reds, pinks and other colours. Some have flowered 2020. 1 to 1.5 litre pots. Dappled shade best, lovely for underplanting. Winter to early spring flowering.

Helleborus Pink Hybrid


One Helleborus Pink Hybrid. Single pink flowers winter to early spring. 1 to 1.5 litre pots. Ideal to plant beneath rhododendrons or decidous trees. Light shade is ideal.