Ourisia coccinea


Rare sell-out variety. Height to 30 cms. Stunning. Large, long, tubular red flowers in summer. Shade. Consistent moisture but well-drained soil. Winter dormant.

Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon' - 5 pieces


5 pieces of this taller hardy perennial that is a useful ground cover.  Height to about 90 cms. Lovely unusual foliage. Pointy, heart-shaped leaves that are medium green with a silvery V-shaped marking and a bronze centre.  Sprays of tinyy white flowers late summer to autumn. Part or full shade is best. Winter dormant.

Potentilla Double Red


Height to 50 cms. Lovely double red flowers spring to summer, long flowering. Light shade intensifies flower colour. Sun/part shade, good drainage. Prune early spring to promote new growth. Semi-dormant in winter.

Primula Cowichan


To 15 cms. Rich velvety red, beautiful colour. Spring to early summer flowrering. Part shade.

Reineckia carneo


Height to 20 cms. Evergreen ground cover for open woodland or around shrubs. Moist shade. Light pink flowers followed by red berries. Glossy rich foliage.

Semiaquilegia ecalcarata


(False Granny's bonnet). To 40 cms. Graceful, nodding flowers in shades of pink/wine purple/violet, from late springto summer. Finely divided ferny-like foliage. Suits damp bright woodland areas, edging or rock garden. Suitable for areas with morning sun or shade. Winter dormant.