Suitable for Cutting

Lilium Henryi


Species. The flowers are orange, spotted black, and unscented. The petals are recurving (bent backwards). To about 1.5 m high - may need staking. Long lasting flowers and textured petals. Winter dormant.

Lilium martagon Orangy-yellow-pink


Species Lily. Beautiful variety with orangy yellow flowers. The reverse side of the deeply recurved petals are pink/yellow . Summer flowering. Some shade is fine. Good drainage. Winter dormant.

Lilium 'Pink Giant'


Tiger Lily. To 1.2 metres. Beautiful pink flowers decorated with a smattering of pink dots from mid-summer. Flowers have recurved petals and face downward, 15 cms across, Sun, good drainage

Lilium 'Red Velvet'


Tiger Lily. To 1 metre. Stunning, deepest velvety black- red blooms and maroon to burgundy freckles. These tall, reflexed, turkscap lilies are good for naturalising. Excellent cut flower. Sun and good drainage. Winter dormant.

Lilium 'Stracciatella'


Asiatic Tiger. To 1.3 metres. Gorgeous flowers of creamy ivory are speckled and banded in a deep purple colour in summer. Sun. Good drainage. Winter dormant.

Lilium Tiger - light orangy/apricot


Tiger Lily. Light orangy/apricot flowers with nice spotting. Quite an impressive variety. Lilies prefer their 'feet' to be in shade and heads in the sun. Good drainage essential. Winter dormant.