Suitable for Cutting

Lilium Fusion


Species Lily. Height to 1 metre. Very large, wide, outward -facing scarlet-red flowers with creamy yellow centres speckled with black. Light fragrant. Winter dormant.

Lilium Muscadet


Oriental Lily. Large, outward facing white flowers adorned with a delicate pink stripe down the middle of each ruffled petal. Rose red spreckles at the throat and striking golden red anthers. Intense fragrance. Winter dormant.

Lilium Pumilum


Potted bulb. Species Lily. To 1 metre in height. Up to 20 glistening, reddish orange flowers with highly recurved petals. Fragrant blooms. More tolerant of shade and great amongst woodland and native plants. Autumn/winter dormant.

Lilium Rubiano


Oriental Lily. Height to 1 metre. Soft light pink flower. Strong fragrance. Winter dormant.

Lilium 'Snow Queen'


Highly perfumed with pure white flowers in summer. Often called a 'Christmas Lily'. Height to 90 cms. Sun and good drainage. Winter dormant.

Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'


Award -winning cultivar. 3 large potted bulbs. Height 15 to 20 cms. Spring flowering with beautiful, fragrant, densely compacted bright white nodding flowers. Plant in a group. Sun or light shade. Good for cut flowers. Winter dormant.