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There are about 150 different types of perennials and bulbs in the nursery including:

  • Trilliums
  • Rare plants and bulbs
  • Border perennials
  • Rockery plants
  • Woodland plants
  • Potted bulbs

There are a few seed varieties and plastic labels available for sale. Visitors can obtain a printed catalogue and are welcome to wander around and enjoy looking at the variety of lines on offer. Some photos are on display or online.

"Its been said that life is like a garden.
 Every small work of kindness and every thoughtful gesture is like a tiny seed.  
And when you plant these seeds, wonderful things can happen."  - Tracey Donovan

Gypsophila 'Letchworth Rose'


Height to 20 cms. Rose pink flowers. Ground cover. Great for rockery or over edging. Superior variety.

Chiastophyllum oppositifolium


Alpine succulent. To 15 cms. Unusual dangling yellow flowers with fleshy leaves which change colour from mid-green to red. Grow in containers, rockeries and over rock walls. Dappled shade and good drainage. Clump forming. Winter dormant.

Hosta 'Big Daddy'


To 90 cms. Part to full shade. Tolerant of wet soil. One of the best blue varieties with nearly rounded and cupped leaves with an abrupt tip. The glaucous-blue foliage has an interesting puckered effect. Near white flowers in summer. Winter dormant.

Geum Tempo Yellow


Height to 50 cms. Semi-double flowers mid-spring to summer. Masses of yellow to apricot blooms. Tidy, clump forming. Sun or part shade and well-drained soil.

Felicia amelloides 'White Star'


Height to 40 cms. Evergreen and long flowering. White daisy-like flowers from late spring to autumn. Sun or part shade. Well-drained soil . Drought tolerant. Suitable for rockery, edging or as ground cover.

Saponaria ocymoides


(Rock Soapwort). Low growing, creeping plant, useful for spilling down sunny slopes or over rock walls. Plants form a low mound of bright-green leaves, literally smothered by starry pink flowers in late spring. Also useful as an edging in the sunny border, and worth considering in tubs or pots. Prune plants back hard immediately after blooming, to maintain a compact habit. Drought tolerant once established. Semi-Evergreen.