Hosta 'Viette's Yellow Edge'

Height to 50 cms. Heart-shaped dark green leaves with a yellow margin. Lavender flowers. Sun or shade. Winter dormant.

Height to 50 cms. Heart-shaped, dark green leaves with a yellow margin.  Lavender flowers. Sun or light shade. Winter dormant. 

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Geum 'Firestorm'


Height to 50 cms. Bright, tangerine orange, double flowers on compact plants. This vigorous, long blooming variety is easy to grow in most gardens.

Lathrys latifolius 'Red Pearl'


Rare perennial sweet pea. Heavy trusses of bright red, fleshy, substantial flowers on long strong stems which grow for a long time in summer. Climber. Winter dormant.

Dictamnus albus var. purpureus


(Burning Bush). Plants are 1 year old. Mature plants are up to 90 cms in height. Purple-mauve flowers with darker veins early summer, highly fragrant lemon scented leaves. A beautiful plant when in flower and a favourite of mine. Lovely as specimen plant where you can brush past it. Usually take 4 years to flower. Winter dormant.

Salvia Bulleyana


To 75 cms. RARE and popular sell-out variety. Racemes of purple lipped, yellow flowers in summer. The leaves are large, deep-green, ovate or trianagular-ovate, deeply wrinkled and slightly hairy. Well-drained soil, sun. Winter dormant.