Geum rivale - lemon/pink

Beautiful dwarf variety with creamy lemon flowers with pink edging. Spring and late summer/autumn flowering. Height to 20 cms. Very pretty and popular. Semi dormant in winter.

Height to 20 cms. Beautiful dwarf variety with creamy lemon flowers with pink edging. Very pretty and popular sell out variety. Sun or light shade.  Spring or late summer/autumn flowering. Semi dormant in winter. 

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Astrantia major Mixed


To 60 cms in height. Unusual flowers that are a group of tightly packed florets that are backed by petal-like bracts. This makes the flowers look much like a star or a firework. Sun/part shade. Clump forming, hardy perennial. Could include pink shades or pink/green/white. Winter dormant.

Salvia Bulleyana


To 75 cms. RARE and popular sell-out variety. Racemes of purple lipped, yellow flowers in summer. The leaves are large, deep-green, ovate or trianagular-ovate, deeply wrinkled and slightly hairy. Well-drained soil, sun. Winter dormant.

Scabiosa caucasica 'Perfecta alba'


Large, frilly white flowers, spanning 7.5 cms or more, bloom for many months with diligent dead heading. 60-80 cms. Butterflies & bees love the flowers, & they make a great cut flower as well. Sun and good drainage. Always been a popular variety.

Geum Rivale 'Alba'


A lovely wee Geum that is dwarf in nature with small white hooded flowers. Very cute! Sun or part shade and well drained soil. Suits a rockery type situation. Flowers in spring and again spasmodically summer to late autumn. Semi dormant in winter.